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Repair of Eyelid Malpositions

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Eyelid malpositions


----ENTROPION (inturning of the eyelid margin)

----ECTROPION (turning out of the eyelid margin )


These are eyelid malpositions which occur as a result of aging, injury or scarring in and around the lid. When the eyelid turns inwards , the eyelashes and skin rub against the cornea, causing severe irritation , redness and pain. If untreated , it can cause an eye ulcer, abrasions or opacities on the cornea and can threaten vision. The outward turning of the margin of the eyelid (ectropion) causes excessive watering , eye irritation and discharge from the eyes.

These conditions are successfully treated by corrective surgery which involves rotating the lid margin to a normal position and tightening the muscles . This surgery is performed under local anaesthesia in an outpatient setting.